Glastonbury Festival

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Rimski's Yard returns to the Theatre & Circus fields for Glastonbury 2022!

Find us in the top corner of Glebeland, opposite the big red Astrolabe tent; by pedestrian gate C.

Rimski & Handkerchief welcome you into their Homestead and business premises... A haven of absurdity where all manner of repairs will be undertaken. Feel free to wind down or wind up in this junkyard paradise. 

With in house entertainment featuring: 

Rimski & Handkerchief

Chris Lynam

Mr. Pacho

Paul Preston Mills

Gareth Charleston

Dead Horse Bay 

Kino McDonald

Justine Squire

Beaujolais Fox

Pearl & Rocco + Agatha

With Fergie's Suitcase Sound System! 

We recommend to keep checking back for line up updates. Once on site, check the daily display boards!

Offering 360 degree spectral sensation. With 5 distinct areas, presenting puppetry-DJing & Ariel circus in The Garden... miscellaneous goings on in The Hat Shop & high quality variety entertainment from The Spares Shed and of course The Homestead. Other services on The Bridge include Apothecary, General Advice... umbrella hire (15p) & deck chair hire (20p) ...With luxury seating, things to ride and play on & on going high quality variety entertainment. Tea will be served.

* Don't miss Rimski & Handkerchief's 'Send In the Clowns' Saturday Spectacular with very special guests at 7pm!

The Line Up So Far...


2- Rimski & Handkerchief Wind Up At Home

4- Kitty Stewart

5- Shaun Gary Palmer

6- Paul's Mobile Disco 

7- Daniel Goncalves; Rimski & Handkerchief + Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle

8- Mr. Pacho

9- Chris Lynam

10- Dead Horse Bay

11- Ms. Radida

1- close


2- Rimski & Handkerchief Wind Up At Home

3- Hatty Hatstar

4- Old Time Rags 

5- Clare & The Noise

6- J9 (Indo-electro dub set)

7- Rimski & Handkerchief + Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle

8- Jaz Delorean (Tankus The Henge)

9- RSVP Bhangra

11- Mr. Pacho

1- close


2- Rimski & Handkerchief Wind Up At Home

3- DJ Peach Batfink

4- Dead Horse Bay

5- The Disappointments

6- DJ Mango Jackson + Alice & Alice + Beaujolais Fox + Chicken Man

7- Rimski & Handkerchief's 'Send in the Clowns' Saturday Spectacular!

8-  Mr. Pacho

10- Amongst The Pigeons (live)

11- DJ Vincent1000 & Friends

1- Close


2- Blockbuster factory

3- Rimski & Handkerchief + DJ Chellac

4- Hodmadoddery

5- Select-A-Chief & The Adventures of Daphne & Humpty (DJ puppetry)

6- Rocco & Pearl + Agatha 

7- Isaac Hughes-Dennis

8- Secret Special Guest

9- Chris Lynam

10- Man of 1000 Farces

11- Rimski & Handkerchief & friends Midnight Wind Down + Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle

1- Close

In 2019, Rimski's Yard arrived in Glastonbury! A sublime collaboration with The Melodrome Time Travelling Variety Theatre, artist-builders Ribaud Van Den Elzen & Jan Siebel... 

The film Glastonbury Festival made of Rimski's Yard 2019

A sunny sunday afternoon lull...

What a treat! Rory McLeod pops in to play at the Homestead

(with Handkerchief accompaniment)