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Glastonbury Festival

Rimski's Yard has its very own area in the Theatre & Circus fields

Find us in the top corner of Glebeland, opposite the big red Astrolabe tent; by pedestrian gate C.

Rimski & Handkerchief welcome you into their Homestead and business premises... A haven of absurdity where all manner of repairs will be undertaken. Feel free to wind down or wind up in this junkyard paradise. 

Offering 360 degree spectral sensation... With Fergie's Suitcase Sound System! 

... People of all ages, shapes, sizes, colours & inclinations are welcome to explore- with fantastical, dodgy & charming things to ride, play, push, browse & sit on. As always, there will be on going high quality variety entertainment. Rimski's Rescue Remedies will be served...

See below for a few highlights of 2023, & the spectacular in house entertainment, including aerial footage... And below that, some 2022 highlights, thanks to Emma Pengelly-Phillips + BBC coverage of Rimski's Yard...


Above- Lazy Sunday afternoon vibe; Rocksteady with Fergie & his Suitcase Sound System. Below- Rimski & Handkerchief's aerial show

Artwork by Matthew Glyn Williams

Artwork by Matthew Glyn Williams



3- Rimski & Handkerchief Wind Up At Home 

4- Paul’s Mobile Disco 

6- Pirate Taxi Show

6:40- Cocoloco

7- Old Time Rags Trio 

8- Pete Gaskell & his Baggy Trousered Philanthropists 

9- Rimski & Handkerchief’s Thursday Night Variety (9pm-1am)… featuring Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle, Chicken Man and in house Aerialists, the Yard Cats, plus guest artists: 

10- Paul Morocco & Marcial Heredia- OLE! 

11- Dead Horse Bay

12- Laser Kiwi Rope Rap (aerial)

12:30- Chris Lynam

1am- Old Time sailors!

Till close



3- Rimski & Handkerchief Wind Up At Home 

5- Anolah & Zee Bonez

6- Amongst The Pigeons

7- Rimski’s Yard ‘Tea Time’ Variety, featuring Cocoloco, Daniel Goncalves, Slater, & the Yard Cats (aerialists); Le Danger

8- Danimal Crackers

9- Rimski’s Radio Hour with special live guest, Jo Duke

10- J9 

11- Old Time Rags Trio

12- Rimski & Handkerchief’s Midnight Variety (12-till close) featuring Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle 

12:30- Chris Lynam; Helina (aerial) 

1:30- Matthew One man




3- Rimski & Handkerchief Wind Up At Home

4- Rimski’s Yard Saturday Afternoon Variety (4pm- 8pm) featuring Bicycle Piano, Rimski’s Yard Youth, Rocco, 

4:30- Agatha Posy-Rose

5- Pirate Taxi playtime; Envelope

5:45- Rev Dr. Jo Turk; Cocoloco

6:30- Foools Cycle 

(new show featuring Rimski & Handkerchief & Chris Lynam) 

7- Old Time Rags Trio 

8- Pronghorn

9- Mango Jackson

10- Professor Elemental

11- Guns Of Navarone

12- DJ Vincent1000 & friends & Yard Aerialists

Till close



Rimski’s Yard Sunday Afternoon Variety (4-7pm) featuring:

3- Wind Up At Home  

3:30- Rocksteady Hour, with DJ Funghi & The Suitcase Sound System

4- Rocksteady & Wonky Bike

4:30- Flea Circus 

5- Daniel Goncalves

5:30- rEvolution of recorded sound presented by Paul Preston Mills, with special guest Greg/Edison, DJ Wind Up, DJ Shellac, and Select-A-Chief in the Puppet Theatre DJ Booth 

6- Select- A-Chief & her puppets; Alice & Alice

7- Whistling Treason

8- Millie Watson  

9- Pete The Temp

10- Rimski & Handkerchief’s Sunday Night Variety (10pm -2:30am) featuring Chris Lynam, the entire Rimski’s Yard in-house inhabitants, including Chicken Man, Yard Aerialists, plus secret special guest artists. 



Photos by Kino 



2019 was the debut year for Rimski's Yard, Glastonbury; in collaboration with The Melodrome Time Travelling Variety Theatre, and artist-builders Ribaud Van Den Elzen & Jan Siebel... 

The film Glastonbury Festival made of Rimski's Yard 2019

A sunny sunday afternoon lull...

What a treat! Rory McLeod pops in to play at the Homestead

(with Handkerchief accompaniment)

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