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A direct response to 'working from home' during lockdown, the show has been running since early May 2020... and now has people tuning in from all over the globe...
With the entertainment industry still very much up in the air, we shall continue for now, to broadcast a weekly show from Rimski's Yard HQ every Saturday at 5:05pm UK time ... from our "Rimski & Handkerchief" FB page...
with creative assistance/expert camera work from DR. Jo Blake AKA Josie Jo!
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We shall be uploading the weekly broadcasts to our
Rimski's Yard Youtube channel...
Saturday Live at 5:05 footage below!

If  you get pleasure from watching a show, we very much appreciate a donation. Even as little as £1, per show, could make a big difference; and keeps us in employment whilst unable to tour! We thank you most warmly for your support, love and messages. 

Browse the various donation options here (eg. Patreon) or quick Paypal hat just there!

Many thanks, lots of love & see you in the ether! x x  x x

If you would like to enter the hat contest, send an email to:



Subject 'hat contest' and introduce yourself, and we'll send you the address to send your entry...

All entries will feature on the show, and will be judged with the following in mind: comfortability, suitability & fabulousness.

The makers of  any hats that Handkerchief actually wants to wear, will be rewarded with a prize!

Remember to leave the top of the hat open, a bit like a visor!

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Saturday Live At 5:05 Clip...

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Viewers Commnets...

"So you think you've seen some weird people lately? Scroll through this and watch a pair of bonkers people being bonkers to the extent that they might just get to the nutter Olympics"
"Heading Magical travelling music conjured up in a Heath Robinson world of whimsy and surreal invention. COMPLETELY WONDERFUL"

"Impassioned Impressions Hoot & A Half Million! These Two, Fix It All! My Blues Are Flipp’n Rainbows Now!!!"

"This is a real treat. Two people you may have been lucky enough to have bumped into at a festival in the past, have now transitioned to perform virtually.. for your viewing pleasure. It's Watch With Mother on acid, and perfect for kids of all ages. Plus, they're as regular as prunes now.. They've already done one show , so you can check them out before this next instalment.. x"

Shows to date

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Episode 1: Introduction

Featuring demo with the umbrella repair machine. Pramophone Time. How to: make your very own raisins!

Episode 2: Getting back from the shops; unloading the shopping. Pramophone Time.

How to: dry your washing whatever the weather!


Episode 3: "Not above Five"

Introducing 'where in the world'. Quiet Time; Radio Time; party time!

How to: make a difficult to reach back places toothbrush.

Episode 2: Getting back from the shops. Appropriate ways of unloading the shopping.

How to: dry your washing whatever the weather!

Episode 4: "The Umbrella Repair machine"

Will it be possible to meet Mr. Crossman's deadline?


Episode 5: "Heavy Traffic"

Featuring transport expert Jeremy Tyresome, exploring How to: steer the bicycle piano


Episode 6: "Midsummer Special"

Featuring new song '2023' 

Storytime with Josie Jo

Piano on fire!


Episode 7: "Handkerchief's Birthday"

But has Rimski forgotten?

How to: make a party bag for one.

Featuring new invention:

the silly-go-round!


Episode 8: "Side By Side"

How to: put stunt pegs on your wheelbarrow

Born Free!

Episode 9:

"2023" Lyric writing competition

How to: cut down on sugar...

'Play a difficult song' time...

It is not okay to kill flies