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Rimski's Yard- the stage venue

Rimski’s Yard- the stage venue, can accommodate a full line up of bands, DJ's and cabaret acts... It can operate as an intimate micro venue or a large scale enterprise, with side shows, booths and a variety audience seating. It is a feast for the senses, featuring all manner of peculiar & beautiful 'spinny things', and inventions on wheels, to mesmerise and entice...

Your hosts, Rimski & Handkerchief, will present their special guests, along with their own variety of Performance Art spectacles. This includes the durational animated installation, ‘Wind Up At Home’ and shows with the famous Bicycle Piano and Double Bassicle. People of all shapes and sizes are welcome to join us in this surreal & enchanting world; whether it's to watch, interact, dance, relax or play...

Click on the links below to explore the yards at various spaces...

Ticketed Festivals
Public Events 
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