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Kendal Calling...

Rimski's Yard will be in full swing up in the Lake District July 27th-30th 2023

Nestled among trees of Lost Eden; with a full line up of in house & special guest entertainment... featuring daytime & late night variety, with Yard Cats midnight aerial performances, comedy, live music, Flea Circus, Chicken Man, tap dancing, Puppet Theatre DJ's... The Sol Cinema...  And our brand new show: Foools Cycle!   

Opening Hours 3pm-2am 



3- Rimski & Handkerchief Wind Up At Home (with a visit from Audrey & Audrey)) wi

4- Old Time Rags

5DJ Chellac & DJ Wind Up with his Pramophone

5:30- Rocco & Pearl

6- John Holmes, Agatha Posy-Rose & Penelope Gwen

7- Yann Elvis Magic

7:30- Foools Cycle 

8- Matthew One Man 

9- Rimski’s Radio Hour 

10- Mango Jackson 

11:30- Rimski’s Yard ‘Danger Themed’ late night variety, hosted by Le danger himself, featuring Yard Cats midnight aerial; Krackin K side shows; Escapology; Rimski & Handkerchief

1- Chris Lynam



3- Rimski & Handkerchief Wind Up At Home (with Mafia wedding dropping by)

4:30- Betty Brown Bags 

5- Acid House Therapy 

6:30- Araceli puppetry- The Secret Keeper 

7- Isaac Hughes-Dennis

8- Pirates of the Carabina- Taxi Show

9- Rimski’s Radio Hour, with mysterious live guest, Ryader.

10- Vincent1000

10:30- Los Dedos

11:30- Rimski’s Yard late night variety, hosted by Chris Lynam, featuring Yard Cats Midnight aerial; Chicken Man and secret special guests...

12:30- Matthew One Man 



3- Rocksteady with DJ Funghi & his Suitcase Sound System
4- Paul’s Mobile disco 

6- Rimski’s Yard daytime Variety, hosted by Chris Lynam- featuring Flea Circus; Alice & Alice; Moaning Lisa; Araceli puppetry; The Umbrella Repair Machine

8- Millie Watson 
9-  Rimski’s Radio Hour
featuring 'Banjo Time' with Casey Jane & Fergie Joe 

10- Select-a-Chief 

11:30- Rimski & Handkerchief's late night variety, featuring Yard Cats Midnight aerial; Yann Elvis & Krackin K duo; Chicken Man; Old Time Rags; Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle surprise. 

Kendal Calling website


Rimskis Yard sepia.jpg

Artwork by Matthew One Man

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