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Audience Feedback

    • Hi there, I just wanted to say I saw you in Stratford on Saturday while I was visiting with my family for a birthday treat. None of us had seen your act before and all came away talking about you! Your act was nothing short of exquisite- my aunt (whose birthday we were celebrating) was in awe of your voice and the spectacle of watching you be chased by children wanting to put pennies in your hat! It really made her day. I just wanted to say thank you for adding some unexpected magic to our family day out! Best of luck with your work, Alex from Leicester.


    • Hi. You did the best version I have ever heard, of Send In The Clowns today in Stratford, it was amazing. It's one of my favourite songs. Thank you. Lauren Barker

    • Thanks for brightening up a truly horrible day in Stratford-upon-Avon! Jill Orme

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    • “...It was lovely to meet you yesterday and see you perform. It's artists like yourselves who make the world a happier and saner place” Janys Lomax

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    • Hi. Caught you guys at Just So Festival. Highlight of my weekend. Thanks for a captivating performance. Joe Cornmell

    • Hi we had the good fortune to see this act at Yarmouth . WOW!  Now thats what I call entertaining ! Different, funny, original and quirky! Loved it! Please pass on our thanks to both performers. Wish I had taken more pics! How they play and manoeuvre those machines baffles me. From Rod

    • I'm a music critic! Sorry for that. But they are really good, anyone can see/hear that. Saw them at Art Car Boot Fair and filmed a bit. I've seen Rimski before at various fests and the lovely Handkerchief makes it a super double act. Highly recommend. Mark Beech

    •  Awesome ❤ it !!! They are the real deal !!! Raul David

    •  Rimski and piano were magical in the setting of Dunster, in the dark, rain and wind, it was worth coming out for. Sound, sight, atmosphere and wonderful engineering took me back to a time of Jelly Roll Morton and to Wonderland. Love the rendition of Autumn leaves and the Goodbye song. Truly original. Thank you. Catherine Cooke

    • A quick thank you . I have just glimpsed your performance in the rain at “Dunster by Candleight 2018”.  I didn’t know you as Oli Cumming aka Rimski then. At first I thought you were recreating Harpo Marx, someone I am very fond of from my childhood... I only saw a small part of your piano on fire, whilst being distracted from the rain by “Flaming swords”. I shall look out for you in future events and start spreading the word. Happy Xmas Thank you for the smile you gave me. Marko Oblyschuk

    • Dear Rimski, Thank you so much. I have been dealing with a horrible depression and seeing you today lifted my soul. You brought a smile to my face and reminded me that magic can exist. Thank you. 

    • Hi We saw you at Dunster last December in all the rain and wind. You're mad, but we had the best laugh ever. You brightened up a cold wet evening and hope we shall catch up with you again somewhere Keep it up, you're much better than all this modern rubbish. Colin

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