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Rimski & Handkerchief 2021 Calendars

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£15 plus postage  (UK £2.20; USA £6; any other overseas orders, we'll get a postage quote)

£3 discount for Patrons!

Includes moon phases and things like Eclipses & Equinox! A4 size


Lucky Dip Tickets- £1 each 

Next Lucky Dip TBA

Framed Rimski & Handkerchief photographs
Will be signed & dedicated on the back ...
Choose from a wide variety of frames with glass, with small (A6), medium (A5) and large (A4) print of vintage metal plate photography... Images depicted in gallery to suggest approximate relative sizes (but cannot be viewed like this on mobiles, so see group pic for example relative sizes). To purchase, please get in touch to double check your chosen pic is still available, then choose a payment option here, and e-mail us your address and any particular dedication, if desired . . .    Big Love to everybody! x x x  
A fiver off
for all

L1: Wooden gold frame with gold and fabric inlay.

£40 plus postage

L2: Vintage two-tone gold frame with green inlay and hand written title (signatures) in brown ink. £40 plus postage SOLD

L3: Gold frame with cream  inlay, featuring signatures in brown ink. £40 plus postage  SOLD

M1: Vintage wooden frame, with cream inlay, featuring authentic age related markings and signatures in brown ink. £30 free UK postage  SOLD

M2: Vintage metal frame, with texture like rays of sunshine. £30 free UK postage 

M3: Wooden frame with gold trim, wibbly edged photo and  signatures in brown ink (since been added!) £25 free UK postage

M4: Chunky wooden frame with gold trim

£25 free UK postage

M5: Sturdy gold patterned plastic frame. 

£22 free UK postage

L4: Wooden frame with lemon inlay, featuring signatures in brown ink. £40 plus postage

L5: Light wooden pale gold frame. £25 free UK postage

L6: Light wooden silver frame. £25 free UK postage

L7: Wooden  frame with gold trim. 

£25 free UK postage

M6: Sturdy two tone gold plastic frame. 

£22 free UK postage


S1: Vintage wooden frame from 1864 with manufacturers 'Tanner & Sons' label on the back  (also glazed). Plus signatures in brown ink. £30 free UK postage  SOLD

S2: Oval plastic frame with green inlay 

£22 free UK postage 

S3a: Vintage metal frame.  

£20 free UK postage 

S3b: Vintage metal frame.  

£20 free UK postage  SOLD

S4: Vintage textured gold frame

£20 free UK postage  

S5: Chunky green and gold wooden frame 

£20 free UK postage 

S6: Vintage natural wooden frame  

£18 free UK postage 

S7: Chunky gold plastic frame  

£15 free UK postage

S8: Gold with red flecks plastic  frame  

£15 free UK postage

Previously SOLD