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Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle

Rimski & Handkerchief are a curious spectacle indeed, as they meander among the crowds with their marvellous musical machines: the Bicycle  Piano and Double Bassicle… Singing timeless songs of momentous, melancholic & magical magnitude, while performing an extraordinary dance on wheels.

Expect extreme eccentricity & silliness interspersed with moments of moving beauty (if you’ll pardon the pun!). This is a double act of bizarre proportions, that will have you questioning everything- from the fourth law of Thermodynamics, to the conundrum of how Rimski manages to steer that thing!

Photo credit- top: Ed Gold; bottom: James Dollin


Rimski & Handkerchief 


Rimski & Handkerchief duo
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Sunny lane footage taken from Rimski & Handkerchief's Saturday Live at 5:05, Summer 2020
Reel of Highlights from the 11 week run of shows here

Above Heritage Live, England 2021; below Spancirfest, Croatia, 2022

Rimski & Handkerchief's 'Dream'...
Busking in Shakespeare's country's weather, November 2018, film by Jed Camara; soundrack produced by Deena kashfi Jackman


Rough Reel


Having already dreamed up the Double Bassicle, Oliver Cumming was finally able to get it built, thanks to a Glastonbury festival commission. The build was going well, but as the launch date grew closer, there was still no rider.  Then,  with just two weeks to go, Laura Pocket was found, playing double bass at a friend's wedding... By the end of Glastonbury festival 2017,  Handkerchief had emerged, and has been performing with Rimski ever since

In the famous lockdown of 2020, Rimski & Handkerchief began their regular  

'Saturday Live at 5:05' broadcasts, featuring lane songs on the piano & bass, as well as Wind Up at Home and Pramophone Time. Series one featured eleven episodes....

Silent Movie.jpg
Rimski & Handkerchief

Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle

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