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Rimski & Handkerchief
Musical Clown duo act. Offering mobile Performance Art with: 
- Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle (walkabout street theatre, circle shows, circus & cabaret)
Wind Up At Home, a site specific animated installation/durational performance, using the Travelling Homestead Stage as a theatre set. 
- The Umbrella Repair Machine- a 30-40 minute play (can be presented with or without the Travelling Homestead, in indoor or outdoor spaces)
 Bespoke Performance
Written & performed especially to fit the circumstance
Puppet Theatre DJ Booth
Available to hire- with quirky DJing from Rimski & Handkerchief, including Select-A-Chief's vinyl-puppetry set. A full lights & sound experience. Gramophone DJing with Rimski's pramophone an optional extra. Happy to facilitate guest DJ's. 

Rimski's Bicycle Piano
Renowned solo act. Established 2005. Walkabout street theatre, circle shows, circus & cabaret. Option of 'blazing piano' fire show. Please note, bookings for the duo act (both piano & bassicle) will be prioritised; solo bookings tend only to be available out of peak season.

Rimski's Pramophone
Rimski as 'DJ Wind Up' mobile gramophone DJ (available in conjunction with Puppet Theatre DJ booth & 'Select-A-Chief' vinyl-puppetry DJing). Walkabout street theatre, circle shows, circus & cabaret.

Rimski's Yard (the venue)
A welcoming space, intended to uplift and enchant all who enter... With the Homestead Stage at its heart; ongoing music, good vibes & variety performances from Rimski & Handkerchief. Medium scale includes Bicycle Piano, Double Bassicle, Pramophone & Fire-Pram. Large scale includes all of the above plus additional booths, Puppet theatre DJ booth, variety seating, side shows and special guests. With full program of bands, DJ's, Circus (+ aerial rig) & variety performance. 
Extensive circular build. Large collaborative crew.

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Umbrella repair machine
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