Rimski's Yard


Rimski's Yard returns annually to Boomtown's Old Town...

There has been a diverse and ever evolving collaborative crew since the humble beginnings, with Rimski & his Bicycle Piano and the tumbling array of battered and beautiful old things, which eventually grew into the yard as you see it today...

Artist-builder Ribaud Van Den Elzen has been sculpting the distinctive wonky towers since 2014, and since 2018, Jan Spiegal arrived as additional artist-builder, with his impressive array of scrap-metal sculptures & characters, that you will see scattered around the place... Also arriving in the yard in 2018, was The Melodrome Time Travelling Variety Theatre Stage, and crew, bringing their own flavour of spice and colour into the equation! 




Boomtown 2019

Boomtown 2018 

An early incarnation of what would become the Travelling Homestead Stage

Boomtown 2017