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Rimski & Handkerchief's 

Coming Soon!

Lucky Dip

A "Crackerjack" game show style interactive installation & performance spectacle, featuring marvellous machines from beyond the imagination (think: giant 'Mouse Trap'! Heath Robinson/Rube Goldberg); with music, bubbles & boings, presented of course, by Rimski & Handkerchief. 

"If it goes on the floor, you're out the door!"


Audience members can purchase tickets- as many as they like (£1 per ball) which will give them a chance to enjoy the thrill of  'Ladle Time' scooping blue balls to win a variety of prizes- random stuff from Rimski's Yard, high quality merchandise, or perhaps a booby prize! All participants will then be entered into the mesmerising Golden Balls Lucky Dip for a chance to win the very special star prize.


But before we find out who wins, behold with baited breath, as Rimski & Handkerchief tweak their most mind boggling construction, before triggering the first of  a series of elaborate mechanisms, which will eventually get the balls rolling, releasing and delighting all who witness the gloriously bonkers spectacle! 

Above some excerpts from the debut Lucky Dips created for Saturday Live at 5:05,

 Two Part Christmas 2020 Special (watch the full shows here)


The show is available by itself, bespoke for your setting, and in conjunction with other Rimski's Yard favourites:

Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle


Whatever-You-Likey Machine

Travelling Homestead Stage

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