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Rimski & Handkerchief... 

A pair of gypsy clowns, wandering with their travelling Homestead, stopping here and there for business... with many strings to their bows. And ribbons!

They can earn a pretty penny performing  walkabout street theatre  with the Bicycle Piano & Double  Bassicle- and when the audiences gather, gosh 

they put on a good show! Harmony singing

with a graceful dance on wheels...

But eventually they will go home

to wind down...

(and wind up!)    but where is home?


Rimski's Yard! 

"we mend anything"

Rimski's Yard...  

The birth place of the Bicycle Piano & Bassicle...  The Yard is both home and business premises, hosting a haven of enterprise;  specialising in Umbrella RepairAnd hire! But they'll absolutely mend anything. Handkerchief is rather handy with a needle and thread.  And Rimski is forever putting the kettle on (because you mustn't underestimate what this can mend!)... Passers-by are welcomed & entertained, often with a seat and beverage for the affable weary traveller...


When time permits, they love to put on a good play too, perhaps to express some of the world's  aching truths... or throw a cabaret to share the talents of  visiting guests...

But it is the inventions that they love the most!

Rimski is an inventor!  

He invented the Bicycle Piano, the Double Bassicle, the Pramophone, the Whatever-You-Likey machine, the Firepram... and a whole array of Turntable art!  It tends to get broken, and then Handkerchief will repair it (because she's really the one that will repair anything) adding embellishments along the way...  Rimski & Handkerchief love nothing more than to spend their days pottering around twiddling and tweaking and playing with inventions and solutions and creations... 

Except when it's time to DJ ! 

Then a transformation occurs.... 

It is a sight to behold when DJ Wind UP

gets out  his gramophone records. 

(Select-A-Chief might try to assist 

or dancing with umbrellas may be too

good to resist!)

But eventually... 


Then the Wind Up At Home truly begins...

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