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2024 Tour Dates 

Rimski & Handkerchief-

(Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle)

  Rimski's Yard- stage venue


Most fine Saturdays- Rimski's Bicycle Piano

Stratford-Upon Avon 12-5pm 

March 29th- April 13th- 

Rimski's Yard at the Souk, Cropredy Old Coal Wharf
Rimski & Handkerchief's 'An Evening In' 7pm

See here for exact dates/times/book tickets 

Plus daytime mini shows 


6th- Rimski & Handkerchief, bank holiday lunchtime busking set at the Souk, Cropredy. 1pm Tips in the hat welcome! 

19th-  Weston May Fair, Weston Park, Sheffield. 11am-4pm

26th- Rimski & Handkerchief, busking at the Souk, Cropredy. 1pm Tips in the hat welcome!

31st- June 1st- Out There, Great Yarmouth (promenade + New Circle Show!) 
26th-30th- Rimski's Yard, Glastonbury Festival


5th- Promenade at Moreton Hall, Shropshire

21st- Tram Sunday, Fleetwood

26th- Totaalfestival, Bladel, The Netherlands 

27th-28th- Fest Jazz, Chateauneuf-du-Faou, Brittany, France.  


8th- 11th- Rimski's Yard, Cropredy Festival Fringe, in association with The Souk/Saucy Hound

(in tandem with 'Fairport festival')

No need to buy tickets! Instead, donations on door

16th- Beautiful Days Festival, Devon 

22th-25th- Rimski's Yard, Shambala Festival 


7th- Mixbury Fete, Brackley 

8th- Art of Tamworth

14th-15th- Chatham Dockyard, Kent

29th- Hemel Hullabaloo, Hemel Hempstead


12th & 13th- Lancaster Music Festival, with Bush Rush!





Do check back regularly for updates!
Rimski's Yard
at Cropredy Festival Fringe

8th-11th August 

Pay what you feel on the door!
Check back regularly for updates...
More info coming soon!

Recent footage of
Rimski & Handkerchief: 
RY Shambala poster 4-yes!.jpg

Rimski's Yard holds a variety of different umbrellas... We have 'Rimski's Yard' the stage venue, with Rimski & Handkerchief's Wind Up At Home at its heart... Plus a variety of mobile and static, visual and performance Art spectacles, performed & produced by Oliver Cumming & Laura Pocket... 

The most long standing of these is Rimski's Bicycle Piano. Est. 2005... In 2017, Rimski unveiled his latest invention: the double bassicle. Thus, inhabiting the imaginative world of Rimski's Yard, we have Rimski & Handkerchief, the musical clown duo, also the house Performance Artists and primary hosts of Rimski's Yard- the stage venue... An extended colourful crew of friends, family, partners and colleagues, form to co-create the Yards in larger spaces... along with a host of guest artists providing variety entertainment; variety, circus, bands & DJ's.

The aim of Rimski's Yard is to produce magical moments and welcoming spaces, where people can temporarily step out of time and into the realm of dreaming without boundaries, and nourishing the senses- with an open heart and wonder, that is not commonly encouraged...   We believe this is much needed medicine for the modern human, and a powerful antidote to the world's current struggles. 

Rimski's Yard was also host to Rimski & Handkerchief's Saturday Live at 5:05, a globally acclaimed, live streamed  TV style show,  birthed during the famous  lockdown of 2020. 

Specialising in street theatre; walkabout & static shows- and pop up worlds in any spaces. 

Top photo credit: Ed Gold

Learn more about our Saturday Live at 5:05 shows!

Services Offered

Rimski's Pramophone

with D.J. Wind Up


Puppet Theatre DJ Booth

Rimski & Handkerchief's

The Umbrella Repair Machine

RY fixing machine.jpg


Rimski's Bicycle Piano

Rimski's Yard

The Stage Venue


Rimski & Handkerchief

Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle


Silent Movie.jpg

Wind Up at Home 

Rimski & Handkerchief

Rimski's Yard.jpg
rimski solo 9.jpg
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